Meet Our Therapists

Our therapists are relationship experts that help couples move from fighting and disconnection to reconnecting through greater intimacy, communication and healing.  We work with individuals to heal from the past and achieve lasting success in their lives. 



Anna Osborn, LMFT

Life is full of challenges and I don't think being miserable in your relationship is something you should settle for. I believe in the power of change and see couples become more connected and trusting throughout the course of therapy. I see individuals gain the confidence to achieve the loving and respectful relationship they have always dreamed about. As a licensed psychotherapist and relationship specialist, I love my job because I know that caring for yourself and your relationships pays off.



As a wife, mom and business owner, I know firsthand the delicate balance it takes to prioritize the most important relationship in your life; your partnership.  Success and happiness in your love relationship is essential to success in all areas of your lives. I value the creativity and energy that's necessary to raise a family, even during the dark and bleak moments.

Life can be hard (and therapy can be challenging), but that doesn't mean that we have to be detached in the process. Sometimes the best way to heal is to shake the room with laughter. Sometimes it's ok to let go and cry.  I see counseling as a way for both couples and individuals to reshape their lives and begin feeling the fun and joy that they want out of their lives again. 

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My specialties include working with couples to help them rebuild and establish loving relationships, therapy with individuals who are struggling to overcome the wounding from past relationships, and working with couples to heal from infidelity and betrayal.  


If you are ready for your life and your relationships to be truly transformed, I look forward to talking.  Schedule your phone consultation, call 916.955.3200, or email


Maryam Saad, MFT Associate

Although life can be more complicated and messy than anticipated, it doesn't have to be that way permanently.  Therapy can offer great relief to navigate what has been thrown your way and work to find a place of healing and inner strength.  Therapy requires stretching and growing, but my hope is that through a caring and trusting therapeutic relationship, you will create the life and relationship you deserve to have.


My greatest strengths as a therapist are my own reality, as a working mom and wife.  I understand how life is constantly pulling us in different directions and demanding unrealistic expectations to be continually met.  Almost like a hamster on a wheel.  I believe in slowing down and taking time for pause and reflection.  I have worked with individuals experiencing life transitions, relationship struggles, past or current trauma and much more.  My specialties include working with adults, teenagers and children who are struggling to heal from the wounds of trauma and better their relationships.

I look forward to beginning our work together and know that together we can achieve your goals. 


If you are ready to take the next step, I look forward to talking about how I can help.  Schedule your phone consultation or call 916.955.3200.




Louise Head, MFT Associate

Life is wonderfully complex and each individual has their own unique way of experiencing joy and fulfillment.  Despite the best of intentions, it's natural that every once in a while we'll lose our way and get stuck in painful habits, patterns, and behaviors; not even realizing how we found ourselves there. Therapy can help you to strengthen the parts you value most about yourself and your relationships.  Therapy can also compassionately support you as you work to manage the challenging parts of your life.


I specialize in working with couples and romantic relationships. I help partners reconnect and build secure and loving bonds. I help partners to consciously create their relationship on a foundation of shared values and intentions. I help relationships heal from infidelity and painful experiences of broken trust. I also specialize in serving LGBTQ+ individuals and ethically non-monogamous relationships from a client-centered, affirmative approach.

In addition, I work with individuals who are experiencing depression, anxiety, and big life transitions. Perhaps you are graduating from college and entering the workforce, changing careers, handling a recent breakup, or adjusting to new challenges in your life. These moments of transition come with a lot of exciting opportunity for growth but can also feel uncertain, overwhelming, and scary. Together, we can work to create intentional change during these transformative periods of your life.


If you are ready to take the next step, I look forward to talking about how I can help.  Schedule your phone consultation or call 916.955.3200.