Showing Up Is Half The Battle.


I decided to take on a new fitness challenge in my life, so I emailed the person in charge about details for the event.  Part of me was hoping that the details would be so complicated that I could talk myself out of even taking part in the event, as new challenges tend to be a bit intimidating.  The response I got was "Just Show Up Anna".  When I read the response, I sort of laughed at how simple it was but the more that I read those four words, the more I realized that that is exactly what I needed to do, "just show up".  I didn't need to over think it or expect that I would know what the heck I was doing, I just needed to show up and try.  

I wrote the words down on my bathroom mirror because I wanted to let the moment last, the moment of feeling like all I had to do was just show up and I would be successful, the moment of someone encouraging me and meeting my concerns with calmness and support.  I also wanted to savor the moment as I realized how often I say this to clients....just show up, it will be ok, we will get through this together, I'm here to support you.  

Opening ourselves up to someone new or something unknown is probably one of the more frightening experiences we encounter, and I know that I'm probably in good company when I say that fear often holds us back.  But what if we did "just show up"?  What if we took a-hold of our fears, our past, and our reservations in order conquer a new challenge?  What if we decided to silence that voice that tells us it might be too scary to risk or let go of the past pain?  

Ask yourself, how do you need to just show up?  What have you been putting off that needs to be dealt with head on?  You don't have to have all of the answers, you just need to show up and be willing to do the work.

I look forward to hearing from you if now is the time for you to just show up!  

Best of luck on your journey ~ Anna, 916.955.3200 or