Only Water the Flowers You Want to Grow.

Yesterday was the first official day of Spring and with the combination of warm temps and a bit of rain, it seems like everything is in bloom. Even the weeds in my garden are blooming. Funny how when you don't weed out the stuff you don't want in your garden, the sun and spring showers will make it grow regardless. 

Ah, the parallels between our lives and our gardens. Makes me think about the importance of clearing space to create room for change in our lives.  If you space is so filled up with the past, how are you able to make room for what the future holds?  Are there things in your life that are growing because you've forgotten to weed. Are you "watering" self doubt and distrustful relationships only to find them growing and taking over?  

Is now the time?  to plant seeds of happiness, self-confidence, or even new goals?  Or is it the time to weed out negative thinking, toxic people or a bad attitude?  There is no time like the present to evaluate the space around you and begin to plant what you would like to see grow in abundance. 

With Springtime in front of us, I encourage you to take a look around the landscape of your life and see what needs to be weeded out so that you can start this new season with a sense of freshness and renew.

I'm excited to hear from you as you decide to grab some seeds and get to work.  Call or email me at 916.955.3200 or