I'll take the Latte With a Shot of Grace, Please.


With Thanksgiving almost here, it seems like the business of this time of year has already kicked into full swing.  Almost busy to the point that we are missing out on the small moments to slow down and just take in the world around us.  I’m not immune to this, but I’m truly humbled of what I got to witness today. 

Today I got to witness the beauty of grace in action.  In the hurry of completing today’s tasks, I stopped into a Starbucks to grab an afternoon pick me up.  There was a bit of a line and as I sighed and looked towards the front of the line, I noticed a homeless man with a raspy cough who was trying to pay for his cup of coffee with a gift card.  It was clear that the gift card didn’t contain enough money to pay for his coffee, so as I moved to offer to pay, I stopped as I saw him slowly reach into his pocket, pulling out a dirty sock filled with change which he proceeded to pour out onto the counter. 

The very young barista, patiently counted out the remaining money he needed to pay for his cup of coffee with as much grace and respect that you would see someone show a loved one.  The gentleman then asked her to please transfer all of his change into dollar bills.  She looked at him right in the eye….and smiled…and patiently sorted through all of his change, placing it in her till and handing him bills.

I can say with absolute certainty that it was one of the most loving scenes I’ve witnessed between strangers.  I was moved by the patience, respect and grace that this young woman showed a perfect stranger…a homeless man…someone that we often turn away from when we see them on the streets. 

As you go about your day today, my hope is that you are able to experience and witness the true beauty of meeting another person with acceptance and grace.  Whether it be a stranger, your lover or your friend; may you show them the respect and patience that we all deserve to be treated with in this hurried and fast paced world.

Yours in gratitude,


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