Don't Be Afraid to Glance Up.


I'm recently back refreshed and rejuvenated from a great vacation with my husband....which was kid free and pretty amazing!

Now for the record, I'm the type of vacationer that likes to sit, read and catch up on rest and relaxation.  My husband on the other hand is the explorer, adventurer type.  Well this time around, I decided to step outside my usual vacation MO and spend a day with him exploring, hiking and experiencing what the destination had to offer.

On our great adventure, we stumbled upon this river that looked worth exploring, so we pulled the car over and began to hike.  We started walking down the river a ways, balancing on rocks in order to get to our final destination of what ended up being the breathtaking top to a hundred-plus foot waterfall.  

Now as I was walking along, sufficiently unsure of my footing and balance, I kept finding myself at dead ends; places where there were no more rocks and my next step would be stepping right into the river.  

And this happened more than once, more than twice to be honest.  Eventually, I paused long enough to look up and it was in that moment I realized that by completing focusing on what was in front of me, I was losing the ability to see where I was leading myself.  

I was literally leading myself down dead ends that were going to result in a very unprepared and unplanned dive into the water.  Thankfully humility slowed me down and I was able to see how my own nearsightedness was truly leading me astray.  

I began to wonder how many times had I been so focused on what was right in front of me that I lost sight of where I was headed?  Do we end up walking into more danger by keeping our head down and not glancing up?  Are we so focused on what's in front of us that we refuse to look up and see farther down the path to a greater opportunity or destination?

I am so grateful for pushing myself outside my comfort zone this past vacation and also for allowing the great outdoors to remind me of a lesson that is so important in life....the lesson of balance.

Balance to see what is right in front of us along with what is farther down the path.  Balance to meet both the needs of ourselves as individuals and the needs of our relationships.  Balance to be humble and confident all in the same moment.

I hope that this reminder of balance and the challenge of walking while looking up helps you to pause and think.  I also hope that it challenges you to begin to look at how you can create change in your life by balancing short term demands with long term goals.

And don't hesitate to reach out if I can be of support, or 916.955.3200