The Brilliance of Sports Radio.


I must confess, I don't watch or listen to the nightly news very often.  I realize that this may not be the best way to stay current on what is going on locally or nationally, but I feel that the news is really depressing and only highlights the negative in our world.  I mean, I have a weather app on my phone  so I'm as well informed about temps outside as my local meteorologist is, and they're always right, right?  I also listen to A LOT of sports radio.  I really am a sports nut and listening to all my favorite sportscasters helps me stay mildly informed about the real world news and really informed about what's going on in the sports world.

I love sports radio because I get to hear about elite professional athletes that have either used their natural talent in really positive, or let's face it...negative ways.  I also feel that sports are such a great analogy for life and yes, those that know me know that I'm rarely without a way to connect sports to therapy. 

Anyways, as I was driving the other day, listening to Jim Rome, he was interviewing an athlete who had recently come up short in a big game. His response to Rome when asked "What was it like to see the trophy right there in your grasp and not reach it?" was "You know is all about learning to make adjustments."  Well I nearly drove off the road because it was such a great response!!

I mean how often do we focus on the negative or our own failures and use those as definitions of who we are?  What about learning to make adjustments?  What if our focus became more about picking ourselves up in defeat and making the adjustment to be more successful in our next attempt?

How would your life be different if you used this approach? What adjustments would you make?  Would you be more patient, more loving, more forgiving?  The possibilities are endless.

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