Are You In?


As a mom of young kids, I don’t find myself reading much like I used to.  Sure I’ve read Charlie the Ranch Dog and Hound from the Pound about 800 times in the last year, but gone are the days of leisure while catching up on the latest celebrity gossip from a good ol’ People magazine.  The closest I get to celebrity gossip these days are when I’m standing in line at the grocery store and reading the covers and headlines.  But lately it seems every headlines is about deceit, betrayal and drama in some poor celebrity’s intimate relationship.

How sad, right?  To have our most vulnerable and heartbreaking moments splattered across the front of a magazine for any walker-by to read and comment on.  And it got me thinking, how often are we looking into someone else’s relationship and judging it?  Whether it be the hottest celebrity’s relationship or even someone we know and love; we always seem to have lots to say about what they should or shouldn’t be doing.  Yet we seem to really struggle with looking into our own relationships and finding ways to be honest about how we are showing up and how we can improve on being a better version of ourselves in our relationship.

So I decided, in honor of a growing trend of relationship judgment and opinions that I’d like to see cease and desist, I thought a shift in perspective was needed!  A shift that will force us to invest some time and energy into our relationship and recommit to the hard work and huge rewards that relationship work offers.  

And the shift is inward....looking at how we show up in our relationship.  To be quite honest, this can be a really tough shift because it forces us to point the finger towards ourselves.

Are you being as patient and kind as possible? Are you open to tough conversations? Are you willing to forgive?

Because at the end of the day, you can't ask something of your partner that you're unwilling to do yourself.  

So take some time...ask yourself the tough questions and see what changes you stop looking outward and start looking in.

Good luck and I can’t wait to how this shift in perspective worked for you!!



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