Finding Your Breath.


As a wife, a mom of busy 2.5 year old twins and a small business owner, seeking balance and stress relief seems to be the task du jour.  The days that I’m home with the kids are a mixture of pure joy and wondering if I’m doing it right.  The days I’m at work as a psychotherapist are a combination of witnessing really amazing and impactful healing in the lives of my clients, but also bearing witness to the pain and injuries that families, couples and relationships endure.

It’s in this stress between my own balance of work and life that I realized that I've become so used to the grind, to the day in and day out of managing life that I may not be as present as I would like to think that I am. 

It really hit me the other day when my little guy woke up early from his nap.  He quietly came out of his room, thankfully not waking his still sleeping twin sister, with that sleep filled look still in his eyes.  He climbed up onto my lap and let me hold him in my arms where he fell back to sleep.  Now anyone with toddlers knows this rarely happens, so as I lay on the couch with my precious baby in my arms, I was forced to be still.  Very still.  Too still.  Scary STILL.

It scared me a bit because the feeling of stillness felt almost foreign.   I tried to stay in the moment as long as possible, this moment of closeness and nurturance. 

Sure the daily to-do list crept into my mind, along with all the other worries and clutter that seems to occupy too much space in our minds…but what I noticed in that moment was that in the stillness was the stress relief. 

It wasn't the occasional nap I get, which don’t get me wrong are delightful, or the rare date night with my husband…stress relief is right there in front of me for the taking.  It is the ability to be still and present in the messiness of life. 

It’s when you’re at work and your head is really in the game.  It’s when you’re playing with your kids and you slow down enough to soak in their laughter and joy.  It’s when you’re with your mate and you’re truly present in the connection the two of you share. 

So is stillness really the key to stress relief…the ability to quiet down the chatter, be present in the moment and enjoy the stillness for however long it lasts? 

I sure hope so, because wow, did it feel good when I was there!  Please share this if you know of someone it will help support or find peace with.  I also look forward to hearing from you about your experience with stillness.



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