How To Apply Therapy Skills At Home.

In my line of work, there are probably 8000 reasons for why folks put off asking for help.  Whether it’s ridiculous stigmas against mental health treatment, the taboo of actually asking for help or just plain old denial of the problem, reaching out gets delayed over and over again.    

In fact, couples delay putting off asking for support in their relationships for up to 7 years after a “therapy worthy” issue arises in their relationship. Good grief…….7 years! They often go at alone in order to avoid this crazy myth that we should be able to fix all things in isolation.

Well recently I was given the opportunity to collaborate on an awesome article that was published in the leading independent mental health and psychology network, which is just beyond thrilling to me.                              

The coolest part of it was the actual content of the article.  The article was about skills that are taught in couple’s therapy and how all couples can benefit from applying them. Not only does it help to break down barriers and show what we’re really doing in therapy, it also presents these skills in a way that you can apply to your own relationship today.

So in lieu of this week’s blog post, I’m linking the article for you.  Please, read all about these skills, learn to apply them and most importantly start to realize how therapy can benefit every couple.


PsychCentral Article



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