Gratitude Changes Everything....But Can It Help You Get Unstuck In Love?

Gratitude changes everything

I come from a long line of Polyannas. You know the folks that can find a silver lining in any situation.  The ones that find gratitude when there is hardly a sprinkling to begin with.  The ones that have a way of looking at a situation and finding a sliver of good. Yup, those are my people.  And man can they be annoying!!!   Honestly as a kid, they drove me nuts! 

In my teen years,  I so wanted my mom to respond to any crappy situation I was describing with “oh my, that’s bad, really bad.  And it’s always going to be bad. Nothing will ever change it from being so bad”. 

But she never did.

She always listened, acknowledged and then challenged me to look at the problem from a different lens.  A lens of gratitude.

Now as an adult, I feel silly even typing this.  Partly because I didn’t see the gift she was offering me in that moment (sorry Mom), but also because I realize how much of a Polyanna I’ve become…..(sorry to my kiddos, you’re going to be so annoyed at me in your teen years too).  

And what I’ve realized is that gratitude isn’t really a feeling or a mindset as much as it’s an action.  You see gratitude creates movement. Gratitude gets us unstuck. 

Gratitude changes everything.  

Especially when we use it in love.  The day to day of relationships can often be the biggest barrier to gratitude. We get so stuck in the routine of life that we don’t find the opportunity to find the gift of what may be right in front of us. 

Gratitude changes everything.

It changes from - “Sh*t, relationships take a lot of work!!!”- to- “I have a mate I’m able to do relationship work with”.

It changes from - “Holy crap parenting is insane!” –to- “Laughing while co-parenting makes it a bit lighter”.

It changes from - “The load is getting so heavy” –to- “Maybe I can reach out for help to lighten my load”.

Gratitude creates movement, it creates possibilities and it changes our position.

So today I challenge you to use gratitude to help you shift positions in love.  See how it starts to create movement?  Be open to how it can help to change everything.

How can really looking at a situation through the lens of gratitude help you get unstuck in love?

Please reach out and let me know what shifted for you.  Was it harder than you expected? Did it take some forgiveness and letting go?  Or did it help relieve a burden you were carrying?  I’m really really interested!  And if it ended up being more difficult than expected, please reach out for support.  That’s what I’m here for.

As always, I want to know what your journey in love and connection is like.   It’s why I do this work.  Send me an email, or give me a call, 916.955.3200.