Are You Suffering From The HYPE This Season?


Are You Suffering From The HYPE This Season? 

Has anyone else gotten sucked into the hype this season?  You know the act of going and doing and forgetting about just being? To be perfectly honest, I found myself falling for it earlier this month and it was not as shiny and wonderful as I was being led to believe.

At the beginning of the month I sat down with the calendar and my phone to try and start lining up babysitters for five different parties in December.  5. Different. Parties. And that was just the ones the kids weren’t invited to.  There were a few kid friendly ones on the list too.

My mind swirled.

Oooh, a night out with my husband and no kids, how fun.  Wow, 5 nights, that’s kind of a lot.  What about celebrating with our little family of 4? What about the traditions we have of sitting in pj’s, watching Christmas movies and eating popcorn?  But you’re being silly, you love all these people that invited you.  You haven’t seen them in months. Wait, 5 nights! What am I going to wear?  Does my closet even have that much party clothes anymore?  Ahhhhh

(And yes, that really is how my mind works…frightening, I know!)

It’s about that time that I closed the calendar, stepped away from the phone. 

And said no.

And it’s not because I didn’t want to go.  It’s not because I wouldn’t have had fun.  And it’s certainly not because I didn’t want to see everybody. 

It was really because I felt myself getting sucked into the HYPE of what I should be doing and not what I wanted to be doing.  Saying yes would have taken me farther away from my kids and husband even though on the surface it all presented itself quite differently.

But not buying into the HYPE is really a year round battle.  I realize that the holiday season can be more intense to resist the HYPE, but it’s always around.  We’re constantly having to work to shift the focus to the right stuff.

Because the HYPE actually disconnects us.

You see the most successful we can be in love is when we’re focused on prioritizing the right things.  Quality time, patience, laughter, sex, kindness, adventures. You know, the right stuff.

But believing the HYPE takes us so far away from these priorities.  It shifts us towards going.  It shifts us towards buying.  It shifts us towards doing.

And love really needs us to be.

So as this holiday season continues to rage on, I hope that you’re able to slow down and see if you fell into the same trap I did. Are buying into the HYPE.  Is it affecting your connection with your mate. Is it preventing you from being present? 

If so, let’s talk!  Let’s make a plan to work on prioritizing the right stuff and ignoring the HYPE.  Let’s talk create a plan specific to your relationship on how to focus on what really matters and not what’s fleeting.  Follow this link so we can find a time to plan!

Cheers to telling the HYPE to bugger off!



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