Let It Be About Each Other.

Let It Be About Each Other. 

Valentines is fast approaching and I feel like it’s one of our most controversial holidays….well besides whether the day after Super Bowl should be a National Holiday, but that’s a debate for another blog post.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day feels like it has become polarizing because of this expectation for it to be a big to-do with grand gestures while potentially neglecting the importance of small but consistent acts of love throughout the year.

The best way to nurture your relationship is not to give a big gift or make a grand gesture on the obligatory Valentine’s, Birthday, Anniversary markers, but instead make your love relationship be about each other on a daily basis.

So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about how to let your love relationship be about each other and not the stuff.

1)    KISS – Keep it simple and sustainable.  Make your mate their morning cup of coffee.  Welcome them home after a long day at work with an embrace.  Keep distractions at bay and make eye contact when you’re talking.  Making it about each other means you’re doing the little stuff regularly.

2)   Reach out and touch each other.  Touch is an amazing communicator and helps you to feel connected to another.  Sit a little closer on the couch.  Hold hands walking down the street.  Hug, kiss, cuddle, have sex.  Use the power of touch to communicate with no words. 

3)   Time flies, but that doesn’t mean you have to get swept away by it.  The hours can turn into days, days into weeks and weeks into months.  Making it about each other means that you schedule and prioritize time with each other with the same importance as you would a meeting with your employees.  If it’s not on the calendar, it ain’t gonna happen so be sure to let time fly with you…not without you.

How about you? How do you keep love about the two of you and not the stuff?  

Share your ideas and tips so we can all benefit from each other’s experience.  And if it feels like you’ve become too distracted by the stuff and want to work back to making it about each other, please reach out! 

As always, I want to know what your journey in love and connection is like.   I love when you share your experience of love; it’s truly inspiring.  Send me an email, info@lifeunscriptedcounseling.com or give me a call, 916.955.3200.