Mud On The Tires


Mud On The Tires

I grew up in a small farming town in California and my Dad used to always say “Never trust a farmer with clean boots”.  His theory was real work means we’re gettin’ a little muddy.          

With that being said, it isn’t surprising that I married a hard working boy from Northern Idaho or that country music makes me nostalgic for home.  Or that the site of muddy boots always makes me smile. 

I was in a sentimental moment the other day and changed my Pandora Station from Sam Smith Radio to a little Zac Brown Band Radio.  And wouldn’t you know it, but one of my favorite songs came on…..Mud On The Tires by Brad Paisley.

It’s the perfect love song…..because we really do have to get muddy to get to the good spots in love.

The only way to get there, is to get a little mud on the tires.

So often in love, you want the road to the good stuff to be well paved, well lit and well marked.   But the truth is, if you put that expectation on your love journey, you’re going to be even more jolted by the smallest pot hole.

My theory is, if you looked at the road to success in love as more about managing the bumps then avoiding them all together, we could be a lot better off.  Instead of being so worried about losing direction or getting a flat you actually worked diligently to prepare for the down times in love

So how do you navigate the potholes in love so you don’t have to panic when you hit one?

1)    Pack well for the journey – there’s nothing worse than being halfway down the road to realize you haven’t packed a salty snack or a cold beverage.  The same is true in love.  When you pack well in love, you have much better odds of arriving in one piece.  When you show gratitude on a regular basis and express your appreciation for one another, you’re better able to give each other the benefit of the doubt during trying times. 

2)   Make room for fun detours and pit stops – your love relationship requires spontaneity and zest.  You can better navigate the potholes in love if you’re continually injecting fun and laughter into your daily interactions. Don’t become so consumed with “getting there” that you lose out on the moments along the way.

3)   Don’t forget your AAA card and GPS – navigating potholes means that you have a great plan B, just in case. You can’t be too proud to pull over and ask for directions or help.   The same holds true for your relationship. If you feel you’ve lost your way…ask for help! Call a friend, reach out to your pastor, or find an awesome therapist.  Directionless driving is bad on the road and in love.

What about you? How do you navigate the potholes?  Have you become ok with letting mud on the tires be a sign of your hard work in love?  Are you willing to get a little muddy in order to get to the good stuff?

If you’re trying to hard to control your journey in love or are afraid of the mud, please reach out.  I’d love to set up a time to talk and help you come up with a plan on how to get a little mud on the tires.  

As always, I want to know what your journey in love and connection is like.   It’s why I do this work.  Send me an email, or give me a call, 916.955.3200.