A few relationship truths...

Greetings my friend. I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday in the exact way that you like it to be. I’m excited to dive into this week’s relationship tip as it’s an important one and I believe bears repeating.

But before I jump into it, let me lay a quick foundation by sharing a few relationship truths.

  1. Your feelings are always good, even when they make you feel not so good. Your feelings show that you’re human and as hard as it may feel in the moment, they are temporary. Yes, sometimes it can feel like the same emotions are always lingering around, but the truth is, your feelings are not permanent.

  2. The story you tell yourself about your feelings or the meaning you take away from an interaction/situation is NOT purely fact. You can get stuck in your story so much that you forget that it’s generated from your perception and filtered through your perspective.

  3. What you choose to do in any given situation is up to you. You have control over your actions and behaviors and feeling a “certain” way doesn’t justify negative choices.

Now take a breath….

I realize those relationship truths are ones that are often debated and also hard to accept. Especially when things are intensifying during times of disconnection with partner.

And yet, they are truths.

You’re entitled to your feelings.

You have great ability to slow down the negative meaning you’re taking away from a situation.


You have even greater control on how you choose to show up.

That leads me to the relationship tip of the week…..

Remember, it’s ok to be mad…it’s not ok to be mean.

Being mad is ok. Choosing to lash out, put down or criticize when you’re mad is NOT.

If you’re stuck here, please reach out. I get how hard it can be to differentiate how you feel, from what it all means, to the actions/behaviors you choose in a given moment; and yet it is such an important relationship tool to be able to know and apply the differences.

I’m here to support and cheer you on.