Are you afraid of this in your relationship?

Happy Sunday to you.  I hope that this slow slide into Fall is treating you and your relationship well.  I believe a change in seasons has the great ability to help us reflect on where you’re headed and hopefully open up the lines of communication about your needs in love.

I also believe that opening up the lines of communication in your relationship is one of the more vulnerable things you can do. Each time you open up, you give, you share, you’re actually risking.  And risking in love can be really really scary.

I honestly think that the fear of risking, of being vulnerable, of giving, ends up being one of the biggest obstacles to connection in love.  

And I get it, it’s scary to give in to love and not know if it’s going to be heard, seen and reciprocated.  And despite all that, I know that you can’t hold back in love AND also receive the love you want in return.

I’m not saying what you give always comes back to you in the exact way you expect it will, but I do know that your willingness to risk really increases the odds that your partner becomes willing too.

That’s really the point of this week’s relationship tip….

Don’t be afraid to give in love. We get back what we put into love.

If you look for opportunities to give in love, I hope that you’re also seeing opportunities for how it’s coming back to you in unexpected and amazing ways.

And if this is a stuck point in your relationship, please reach out. I would hate to have you in that place longer than necessary.

Until next week,