Benefit of the doubt...give it to get it!

I think I can safely say, we’ve all heard of the benefit of the doubt. We all know it’s a good thing to do and yet, it’s really, really, hard to apply.  It’s almost that the saying has been used so often that the significance of it has become watered down.

And yet the benefit of the doubt is one of your most powerful relationship tools.  

Of course you want to be seen in a favorable light by your partner, even when you’re showing up in less than favorable ways,  AND you can’t ask or expect anything from partner that you’re not willing to give yourself.


So, if you want to receive the benefit of the doubt from your partner, you have to be willing to give it away like candy on Halloween.  Don’t be the person that drops only a few candy corns into that plastic pumpkin and don’t be the partner that refuses to give the benefit of the doubt until you know you’re receiving it back in full force.

Save this meme and use it as a reminder to shower your partner with the benefit of the doubt.

Believe me, really cool things happen when you do.

Until next week,