Individual Intensive counseling

How Willing Are You In Love?

As a relationship specialist the majority of work I do in my Sacramento therapy office is around relationships…go figure right?  Whether it’s a couple trying to make their relationship even better, a couple on the brink of divorce and hoping that therapy can prevent them from breaking up or an individual working to find their ideal mate, I work with it all.  

I'm Sorry, Sort Of...

I'm really sorry that I was a jerk, but you know what you did forced me to act that way, and in the future if you don't act like that, I won't either.

Have you ever received an apology like this? You know the one that starts with "I'm sorry" and ends with minimizing and justifying the actions that just occurred.

Compromising or Being Compromised?!

I was having a really insightful conversation the other day with someone about relationships and how we are often preaching compromise as the solution to all conflict and problems and I was struck by something really startling in this conversation. The question that jumped out at my was how do we know if we are compromising or being compromised?