The Danger in "Maybe Later".

Maybe later. How many times have you said this?  Or maybe you prefer in a minute; a close yet similar sentiment. If you're being honest, you probably say it more often than you'd like to admit.  And who hasn’t! 

It’s not usually intentional.  It’s really because we ALWAYS have demands on our time. A tad dramatic, sure, but there’s really no end to the projects, assignments and to-do lists, we swear we "just need to finish" before we can focus on the people right in front of us.

Finding Your Breath.

As a wife, a mom of busy 2.5 year old twins and a small business owner, seeking balance and stress relief seems to be the task du jour.  The days that I’m home with the kids are a mixture of pure joy and wondering if I’m doing it right.  The days I’m at work as a psychotherapist are a combination of witnessing really amazing and impactful healing in the lives of my clients, but also bearing witness to the pain and injuries that families, couples and relationships endure.

Change is Meant to Grow You, Not Kill You.

This sweet little train ride immediately took us into what seemed to be a quite dark and long easing in here folks, right to the scary part.  I looked back at my little one's to see their response to the unexpected and abrupt darkness and I noticed both of them leaning forward, almost perched in their seats searching for light ahead.  

Compromising or Being Compromised?!

I was having a really insightful conversation the other day with someone about relationships and how we are often preaching compromise as the solution to all conflict and problems and I was struck by something really startling in this conversation. The question that jumped out at my was how do we know if we are compromising or being compromised?

The Brilliance of Sports Radio.

I must confess, I don't watch or listen to the nightly news very often. I realize that this may not be the best way to stay current on what is going on locally or nationally, but I feel that the news is really depressing and only highlights the negative in our world. I mean, I have a weather app on my phone so I'm as well informed about temps outside as my local meteorologist is, and they're always right, right? I also listen to A LOT of sports radio. I really am a sports nut and listening to all my favorite sportscasters helps me stay mildly informed about the real world news and really informed about what's going on in the sports world.

Don't Be Afraid to Glance Up.

I'm recently back refreshed and rejuvenated from a great vacation with my husband....which was kid free and pretty amazing!

Now for the record, I'm the type of vacationer that likes to sit, read and catch up on rest and relaxation.  My husband on the other hand is the explorer, adventurer type.  Well this time around, I decided to step outside my usual vacation MO and spend a day with him exploring, hiking and experiencing what the destination had to offer.

The Benefit of the Doubt

How can you give others the benefit of the doubt? This is a question I ponder not only to myself, but in counseling with my clients. I work with individuals and couples that have been wounded in their relationships, thus creating an obstacle in being able to give the other people in their lives the benefit of the doubt. They begin to assume that each tone, inflection of voice or choice of words is an invitation to injure, wound or attack. Instead of responding with patience or curiosity, they respond with defensiveness or aggression.

Resolution of Abundance

So, it's officially the New Year and everywhere I turn I hear people talking about the highlights (and lowlights) of the 2013 and of course the dreaded New Year's resolution talk. Facebook, the news, even celebrity gossip is filled with resolutions and I found myself noticing that the majority of what I was hearing were resolutions of deprivation, no this, no that, less this, less that and it got me thinking that this year I want to adopt a resolution of abundance. I want to find the things that I like and do more of it. I want to reach out to friends that are important in my life and share with them how much they mean to me. I want to discover the foods that bring me joy and find new ways to prepare and cook them. I want to laugh more and enjoy the gifts right in front of me

Showing Up Is Half The Battle.

I decided to take on a new fitness challenge in my life, so I emailed the person in charge about details for the event. Part of me was hoping that the details would be so complicated that I could talk myself out of even taking part in the event, as new challenges tend to be a bit intimidating. The response I got was "Just Show Up Anna". When I read the response, I sort of laughed at how simple it was but the more that I read those four words, the more I realized that that is exactly what I needed to do, "just show up". I didn't need to over think it or expect that I would know what the heck I was doing, I just needed to show up and try.

Why Is Change So Brutal?

Ok..I get that the title of this might be a bit extreme, but for anyone that has had to go through change recently...brutal might just be the perfect word to describe it. I work in an industry ie. working with people, that is so full of change and growth that sometimes it almost gets overlooked of just how hard it really is to face. Being forced to deal with change is often one of the most challenging experiences we undergo. Accepting change is essentially accepting the unknown and trusting that the "change" will work out in the long run. I don't know about you, but the whole thought of change can often be anxiety producing in itself and that's usually when it is "good" or "planned" change!