Connecting with your partner

My kids are in that awesome stage of life where they misplace and/or lose EVERYTHING. I may be over exaggerating a bit, but I bet I get asked at least 12 times a day, “Mom, I can’t find my _______ (insert ANY item), have you seen it?”

The crazy thing is, I usually can find it instantly by simply sending them back in the general direction of where they were looking.  I’d like to think I’m unusually good at finding things but really my success rate is only because I make them go back and look again.

Because the truth is, you usually find what you’re looking for when you slow down to actually SEE it.  It’s true, in both life and love. It’s true with finding lost cleats, misplaced homework AND strengths in your relationship.  


If you’re looking for errors or missteps, you’ll usually find more of them. If you’re looking for opportunities to express gratitude or appreciation, you’ll likely begin to find those more often too.

I challenge you this week to look for the good stuff. The joy, the connection, the lightness.  

Use this week’s relationship tip as reminder to seek the good stuff.  And I think you’ll likely find it.