If you are doing *this* right, it’s already being noticed!

Happy Sunday friend.

How was your weekend?  Mine was spent sitting on the sidelines cheering my kids on at their various soccer and baseball games.

As a sports fan, there is one thing that always stands out to me on the field. It’s the beautiful sight of humility. 

When you see an athlete make an amazing catch or connect on a sweet corner kick and they run straight to their teammates to high five, that is truly awesome.  

But when you see them complete the same play and they jump up and down on their own, pound their chest and pat themselves on the back…not so awesome. 

We all do cool things in life and we should be really proud of our accomplishments, but sometimes the scales can tip from inner pride to showboating celebrations.

I believe that when you complete that pass, nail that goal or heck even make some strides in your love relationship, that it should be done with humility and gratitude. When you show up on the field (and in love) with a humble heart, you’re always a better teammate and a better partner.


Save our relationship tip this week as reminder to live each of your days with a humble heart, a gracious spirit and a glow of inner pride; knowing that you’re working hard and you don’t need to call it out in order to have it get noticed.  Because if you’re doing it right, it’s already being noticed.

Until next week,