If you don't do THIS.. your relationship will not work!

Happy Sunday. I hope that you have found a way to connect with your mate this weekend and thank them for doing life with you. In all the hustle and bustle of our weekends, we can forget to find opportunities to slow down together and really share our appreciation.

Or, like so often if happens, you can get in the negative habit of only talking about the bad stuff and never pointing out the good.

It’s actually a phenomenon I see happen in my therapy office; couples come in and are hesitant to share their successes with me, like we’re only meeting in therapy to discuss the bad. I try to (gently) remind them that my office is not the principal’s office and that showing up to therapy means celebrating your wins!!

It’s always ok to high-five each other over incremental changes and the consistent work your putting in together towards your goals.

Let’s just say it, working on your relationship is one of the bravest and most amazing investments you can make.

Because…as this week’s relationship tip (not so gently)reminds us….

If you’re not working on your relationship, your relationship is not going to work.

Your relationship is a living, growing, breathing part of you that needs to be nurtured and tended to like all of the other living, growing, breathing parts of your life. And if it’s not getting the time and energy it needs it is likely to wither right up.

Take a moment to save this meme and schedule some time this week to slow down in your relationship and put a bit of work in. I KNOW you will reap many benefits from it.

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If you’re feeling stuck or don’t know where to begin, reach out. Don’t stay stuck! I’m here to help.