Priorities Reveal Themselves

Priorities Reveal Themselves

A reoccurring theme in my office and life in general is this running against the clock, fast paced, we have no time to do what we know we need to be doing pace.

And no one is immune to it. We all struggle with juggling our time and sadly the things that we say are the most important can often get placed much too low on the priority list.  And sometimes we can feel lost or stuck on how to reverse the order.

I work with couples every day that find themselves months and years down the road of not connecting, not spending intentional time together and not prioritizing their partnership. And they’re not bad people. They’re couples that were trying their best doing all the wrong things when it comes to nurturing their love relationship.

I think Eric Zurn said it best, “There’s no sense talking about priorities.  Priorities reveal themselves. We’re all transparent against the face of the clock”.

And he’s spot on.

Where we spend our time is much more indicative of our priorities. And it’s much more indicative than what we talk about being the most important thing in our lives.  Often times the gap between what we say is important and what we do with our time is startling.

And sadly, attention starved relationships struggle to go the distance.  Even knowing this can still make it difficult to reverse the trend

So what do you do if you find yourself prioritizing the wrong stuff?

Well, first you need to spend much less time talking about what’s important and focus on showing yourself what’s important.  And that starts with daily action and small shifts.  Putting the phone down while eating dinner.  Turning the radio off while driving with your family. Forgoing the latest Netflix binge for an evening with the lights low and the conversation meaningful.

You work to celebrate the small shifts you’re making as you become more engaged in your everyday life and less consumed with the things that you used to unintentionally prioritize over your relationship.

And lastly, you reserve judgment. You reserve judgment for yourself for what you did before you knew better. And you reserve judgment for those that are trying their best.  You model what you prioritize to others in hopes they can make adjustments in their own lives.

Because, priorities reveal themselves and my hope is that they reveal a really amazing relationship in your life.

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed or in need of support to heal the wounds that low priorities have caused on your relationship, reach out. That’s what we’re here for, 916.955.3200 or you can follow this link to schedule a phone chat,

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