Let It Be About Each Other.

Valentines is fast approaching and I feel like it’s one of our most controversial holidays….well besides whether the day after Super Bowl should be a National Holiday, but that’s a debate for another blog post.


Celebrating Valentine’s Day feels like it has become polarizing because of this expectation for it to be a big to-do with grand gestures while potentially neglecting the importance of small but consistent acts of love throughout the year.

Couple Time vs. Family Time. How To Reconnect As A Couple

For those of you in the Sacramento area, the weather has been wild these past few weeks.  Temps in the mid 70’s in February.  It’s so beautiful in fact that we decided to spend last Saturday out and about enjoying the gorgeous day as a family.  A trip to the Sacramento Zoo and the Land Park staple of Dad’s burger joint seemed like the perfect way to spend time together.