building and repairing trust

What If We’re Just Broken Together?

There’s this beautiful song by Casting Crowns, Broken Together, that I can’t stop listening to.  There’s so many messages in the song, but the one I can’t shake is this beautiful message of being able to last forever because we’re broken together.


Holy powerful song folks (I linked it at the bottom).


I believe that we live in a culture that glorifies wholeness to a fault.  It leads you to believe that the only way things last, is if they’re perfect.  That damage, pain, betrayal, injury are things that you can’t ever heal in love. 


Can You Dive Before You Learn to Swim?

These hot temps have got me wanting to either be swimming or running through sprinklers all day! Summertime always reminds me of being young and taking swim lessons; especially all the nerves and worry that went into the first day of getting into the water and trusting that my mom was going to hold me tight enough until I learned to swim myself.