healthy relationships

I Want The Kind Of Relationship That Makes My Kids Want To Fall In Love.

After hearing a friend talk the other day about the ups and downs of relationships and how having kids intensifies both the good and bad in our love relationships, I started thinking about my own marriage and what I want my kids to see and experience since they’re truly tiny observers of my husband and I’s relationship.


We all know that children are sponges and soak up what we say and do, even when we’re not meaning for them to be lurking in the corners of the room.  As parents, we have a great responsibility to be models to our kids for what love should look like.  We also carry the responsibility of finding a way to interact in a healthy and respectful manner even if you’ve decided to part ways.

When Love Hurts.....

These two parts of me have been in conflict for many years and even more so in the past few months as the reports of abuse and violence perpetrated by athletes seem to be growing.  Any given Sunday (or any day of the week) I'm watching these amazing gifted athletes perform to amazing heights on the field or court, only to be updated about their off the field abusive and violent behaviors only to be followed by minimal to no consequences by the league and pathetic excuses/apologies by the athlete themselves.