What’s Your Relationship Word?

In doing this exercise, I realized that my professional words for 2016 are the same as my personal.  Because in my marriage, I want to practice abundance.  I want to find the good, even when I’m in a sour mood. I want to slow down and show gratitude.  I want to focus on abundance because I want to be intentional about creating a large amount of love and joy around me.

Fear Of Showing Compassion: Does It Hold You Back?

Has anyone else out there fallen victim to the Serial podcast?  Oh my goodness it's addicting.  I think I blew through all 12 episodes much faster than I'd like to admit.  For those of you who haven't yet, I highly recommend it.  And I promise this post will contain no spoilers!

There was a line during the series that really stood out for me and made me think about the couples I work with.

How Willing Are You In Love?

As a relationship specialist the majority of work I do in my Sacramento therapy office is around relationships…go figure right?  Whether it’s a couple trying to make their relationship even better, a couple on the brink of divorce and hoping that therapy can prevent them from breaking up or an individual working to find their ideal mate, I work with it all.  

Showing Up Is Half The Battle.

I decided to take on a new fitness challenge in my life, so I emailed the person in charge about details for the event. Part of me was hoping that the details would be so complicated that I could talk myself out of even taking part in the event, as new challenges tend to be a bit intimidating. The response I got was "Just Show Up Anna". When I read the response, I sort of laughed at how simple it was but the more that I read those four words, the more I realized that that is exactly what I needed to do, "just show up". I didn't need to over think it or expect that I would know what the heck I was doing, I just needed to show up and try.