Today I am sharing my truth + struggles with you...

I hope I’m not alone here, but as a reformed perfectionist (well at least one who’s constantly working on it) making mistakes is really, really hard for me.  It’s not that I expect myself to be perfect, I just hate making mistakes.  

And yes, if you’re laughing as you read this, I realize the above sentence reads like two sides of the same coin.

And yet, as I work to move out of perfectionism and into the messy and reality of life, I’m working my tail off to be comfortable with EVERY mistake I make and to challenge myself to look at them as growth points. 

The truth is I make mistakes ALL OF THE TIME.  And I honestly don’t see myself slowing down in the mistakes department.

But what I do see for myself is being more accepting of my mistakes, more willing to call them out AND much, much more willing to see them as success and not as failures.

Because the truth is, if you’re not making mistakes, you’re not pushing yourself.  I know this because when I’m “mistakeless” it’s because I’m staying in my comfort zone and am sitting in stuckness.

In order to love big and grow big, you have to be willing to make mistakes.  They’re uncomfortable and often messy AND the growth that comes from cleaning them up and learning from them is oh so beneficial to your relationship.

So I challenge you this week to save our relationship tip and dive into greater success in love by being willing to risk and make more mistakes.

Believe me, you’ll grow bigger because of it.