Are you stuck in same negative dance and don't know how to fix it?

A relationship on the brink is a terrible place to be.  If you are fighting to save your relationship but fear that it may be too late…it’s not. Don’t keeping delaying in asking for help; couple's counseling can be the answer.

Our Approach to Couples Counseling in Sacramento

Couples often come to therapy feeling desperate and alone because of the damage that has been done and unsure of whether they can repair what has been broken. We work with couples to repair trust, heal from betrayal, increase intimacy and connection and create lasting change in their relationship so they can have a happy and healthy future.  

We know how challenging it can be to balance the importance of our primary relationship with the needs of daily life.  Therapy is an exceptional way to become unstuck, get back on track and begin moving forward together.  

Achieving Loving Success in Your Relationship

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If you are feeling burnt out from relationship drama and feel like you're ready to give up, then couples therapy can be a huge asset to you and your relationship.  We work with couples to solve ongoing problems that keep repeating themselves despite your best efforts to fix them. We work to create forward movement into a renewed happy and healthy relationship.  In our work with couples, we identify themes of ongoing conflict, arguments that feel like they have gone on for years or betrayals that continue to cause pain.  

From Newlyweds to Empty Nesters...Couple's Therapy is a Vital Part of a Loving and Successful Relationship!

In session, we’ll work together to heal the disconnection and attachment that has been broken and start a new chapter to your story.  Successful couples therapy is not about "getting back" to the way you were before hurt occurred, it's about building a new and stronger foundation to your relationship that gives you the ability to heal and grow together.  

Can You Afford to Wait Any Longer?

Couples counseling is more than a cheaper solution to divorce or breaking up.  It's an investment into the connection the two of you share and the future you want together!

There is no time like the present to begin this process and no reason that you should let more time pass if you feeling this much disconnect and conflict in your relationship.

Couples Counseling in Sacramento


Get The Support You Need

Don't put off calling until the next crisis, the next fight or even the next argument occurs that ends with one of you using the "D" word.  

We look forward to talking and starting this journey together. Schedule a phone consultation online or call 916.955.3200 to get started today!