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Upcoming Workshop: September 14th and 15th 2018

Couples therapy can be a fantastic resource, but sometimes it can leave you feeling like you need a little bit more. Like the session ends right when you're getting to the heart of the issue.  And you REALLY need to get to the heart of issue.

Couples weekends are an amazing way to create a great amount of change in a relatively short amount of time.  When couples find themselves in negative patterns of disconnection and hurt, they want their relationship to improve as effectively and as quickly as possible

An intensive couple's workshop creates just that solution. Couples weekends are an extremely effective way to improve communication, create lasting intimacy and increase connection. They also help couples put the spark back into their relationship and learn how to have fun again.  

Repair Communication

Couples get stuck in patterns of communication that end up being far from productive.  This workshop is ideal for you if you're looking to finally end the cycle of disconnected and disappointed attempts at resolving long standing issues in love.  

Heal Trust

Trust is a cornerstone to a healthy relationship and yet it's something that can get beat up and destroyed over time. Whether is a slow erosion of trust or a deep betrayal, this workshop allows you to heal injuries from the past and build skills to create a quality repair when it comes to healing trust and offering forgiveness.  

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Restore Intimacy

Intimacy is a language expressed through both physical and emotional connection. And yet when unspoken in your relationship it can leave both of you feeling alone.  This weekend will allow you to explore and restore the ways that you've become disconnected from one another and give you the tools to restore greater intimacy in love.

Whether you're feeling disconnected in love, needing to heal from past hurts or betrayals, are wanting to be happy again in love or are just looking for an amazing way to improve your relationship, you will walk away with that and so much more from our weekend together.

Your Workshop Fee Includes:

  • 2 days of interactive and engaging instruction.
  • Hands on exercises to practice and complete with your partner.
  • On site support and encouragement during            exercises by two EFT trained therapists.
  •  Continental breakfast and light snacks throughout the day.
  • Course handbook (materials and instruction).
  • Immediate and lasting change to your relationship.

The 2 day Workshop is held:

3pm-8pm on Friday, Sept 14th with a working dinner.

9am-5pm on Saturday, Sept 15th with an hour break for lunch. 

Workshop is held at our office: 2617 K Street, Suite 200 Sacramento Ca 95816

*Your registration is refundable up to 3 weeks prior to workshop date with $35 return processing fee. After 21 days prior to workshop date, your workshop fee may be transferrable to another Hold Me Tight workshop with Anna Osborn and/or Kami Storck within a 12 month period from registration date; a $75 transfer fee will be applied. 

The two day workshop cost is $625 per couple.  Can you envision the tremendous work you can get done in 2 days of digging in and healing your relationship?

We can! And we can't wait for you to join us!