Overcoming Affairs, Infidelity and Betrayal


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Trying to rebuild a marriage after it’s been burned to the ground by betrayal and infidelity is like sorting through the ashes of your most prized processions trying to find one you can salvage.  It’s overwhelming, scary and downright traumatic.

No one says that the work is easy, but so many couples that work through the pain and hurt of betrayal in their marriage describe knowing that the work has forever changed and healed them in ways they never could have imagined.

Our goal when working with couples after betrayal has struck their marriage is to help them move away from the ashes of the past and into creating a new foundation for their marriage. In the great words of Esther Perel, we will have 2-3 marriages throughout our lives, oftentimes all with the same person.  Healing from betrayal and infidelity invites you to move into that new marriage together with the tools to rebuild it in a slow and steady manner.  We will work through creating an understanding and healing of each partner's feelings around the affair, work to understand why the betrayal took place and create a safe connection again; one that is shared and nurtured regularly by both partners.

Healing after betrayal is about learning to trust again when all that you thought you knew has been erased. It’s about accepting responsibility for the deep hurt that was caused. And it’s about discovering what made the relationship vulnerable to betrayal so that those wounds can be healed and a new marriage can be rebuilt. 

Learning to trust again after betrayal is possible and marriages can heal.  We’re here to help support this difficult yet life changing work.

As hard as it may seem to believe, most couples that heal from betrayal and infidelity describe it as something they wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy, yet healing from it together has allowed them to create a new marriage that is stronger and built to go the distance.

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