Re-Connect and Re-Commit to Your Relationship

Are you unable to recognize yourself and your mate anymore? Have you and your partner been fighting to stay together for so long that you’re exhausted and wondering if there’s anything left to fight for? In this intense and painful time for your relationship, we’re glad that you found your way here.

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We carefully design our retreats to give couples who are struggling with staying together a chance to leave the distractions of life behind, in order to co-create a relationship that will see them into the future.

One of the biggest challenges for couples seeking Couples Counseling is that it requires both partners to change and grow simultaneously. That’s two histories, two sets of habits, and two solidified relationship patterns that you’re working to transform. For some couples who are really struggling, these entrenched patterns of disconnection can unravel any progress that was made during a standard therapy session once they return home.

For that reason, getting away from it all on a Couples Retreat can bring about extraordinary change and growth. Private intensive weekend retreats allow couples to leave behind the interruptions and triggers, and to dive deep into the causes of their disconnection and pain. Whether it’s a betrayal, struggles with intimacy, or feeling like you’re not able to prioritize each other anymore, you’ll have the time and space to get to the root of what’s getting in the way of your love. And, most importantly, we'll guide you through how to break through those old patterns to create a stronger, more long lasting relationship together.



Contrary to popular belief, our goal is not to get you back to “the good old days” of your relationship. Instead our goal is to help let your old patterns burn away, and to create fresh ways of being together. Our goal is for you to create a new bond that honors how you’ve grown into the people you are today, not the memory of who you were when you first got together.


Couples sometimes hesitate to enter therapy or work on their relationship at a structured retreat because they think taking such intensive action means their relationship is “bad”. They might be thinking, “Are things really that bad that we need this?”

Want our honest opinion? Stop talking yourself out of it. Be OK with how important your relationship is, and how important it is to work on saving it. We’ve witnessed couples dedicate this time to themselves and make incredible transformations. We’ll do everything in our power to help you do the same. Your love is worth it.

Let Us Take Care of All the Details.

Our private intensive couple's retreats are a "bag drop experience"; as in arrive, drop your bag and let us take care of the rest. We schedule these retreats both in the office and off site in the beautiful Sierra Foothills.

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