Have you been hoping to change negative patterns in your individual life or your relationship but aren’t sure where to find affirmative, collaborative support?

We offer compassionate, supportive counseling to those who identify as queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender variant/gender non-conforming, polyamorous, and non-monogamous.  


Build Strong Relationships

Our relationship counseling supports LGBT and queer relationships as well as polyamorous and ethically non-monogamous relationships. When normative culture provides you with fewer models of what your love should look like, you have the opportunity to create relationships that are intentional, genuine, and the best fit for you.

And yet with this opportunity, there can also be a level of complexity and overwhelm that you and your partner may need help navigating.  Our goal is to empower LGTBQ and non-traditional couples with the necessary support and tools to allow them to be success in love.  

Relationship therapy can help partners build strong and lasting bonds by enhancing communication tools, strengthening physical and emotional intimacy and healing wounds associated with broken trust or betrayal.  We also support couples deciding to open up their relationship by setting boundaries and commitment expectations, managing feelings associated with metamour relationships while supporting safe sex, household roles, collaborative finances and co-parenting.

Explore Yourself and Find Healing

In individual therapy, we offer an affirming place to explore sexual orientation and gender identity as well as a safe space to process the challenges that individuals may face in a culture that often invalidates or erases LGBTQ identities.  

Individual therapy can help you to identify and heal from negative patterns that keep you stuck in the past and help you get in touch with your authentic voice and your core values that will act as your guiding compass in present-day life.  We also support individuals with painful relationships with immediate and extended family, trauma associated with coming out and healing from experiences of discrimination or homophobia.

Find Support Today


We have LGBTQ, queer-identified clinicians who are ready to support your relationships and help you to achieve your therapeutic goals.

We look forward to talking and starting this journey together. Schedule a phone consultation online or call 916.955.3200 to get started today!