Supporting couples as they begin their lives together.

Starting off sharing a life together can be filled with moments of pure bliss as well as pains of shear confusion.  There is nothing like a new relationship to challenge you to look at yourself, examine how you communicate and learn to problem solve life together. 


Navigating the beginning of your relationship and your marriage can be an overwhelming process, especially if you realize that you weren’t modeled the best examples of what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like.

We strongly believe that breaking negative patterns of the past and forming positive communication habits can benefit a relationship in more ways than you can imagine.

Getting the right support at the beginning of your relationship can help you create amazing success together.

In the beginning of a marriage, partners are bringing their lives together in a new way and creating a shared language around intimacy, connection, boundaries and expectations.  Getting support at the early stage of your relationship allows for stuck patterns to be broken open rather than cemented into concrete.

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Our nearly-wed and newlywed counseling helps couples navigate the first few years of their relationship and prepare them as they decide to enter into a long term commitment.  We offer an 8 week premarital counseling series that is great for nearly-weds and newlyweds. Even couples that have been married for 3-5 years can benefit from this counseling.  We also offer weekly counseling to couples that are feeling stuck and disconnected and really want to make positive changes together.

We know that marriage is so much more than saying "I do".

Nearly-wed and newlywed therapy provides an amazing place to dive into all of the conversations that create a loving and intentional partnership right from the start.  We support couples to step outside of their comfort zone and lean into difficult yet necessary conversations around forgiveness, boundaries, finances, expectations, and parenting.

We have a deep desire to provide hope, support, information and tools early to couples as they embark on this new chapter together so you can build a strong foundation that will lead you into the future.

Pre-Marital Counseling in Sacramento

Not quite sure if you’re ready for counseling? We encourage you to check out our Rookie Year Video Series; premarital coaching for nearlyweds and newlyweds. This 9 module premarital coaching program gives you the tools to create your happily ever after. Click here to learn more about the virtual program.

Start Your Life Together with Intentionality


We’re here to support ALL relationships and we can't wait to help you create an amazing relationship together.  

Use our online scheduler to set up a time to speak further or call, 916.955.3200 and to learn about how we can help.