Season 2, Episode 1: Fighting Against Perfectionism!

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Today, I want to talk to you about expectations, consistency, and perfectionism. Also, how we can reach out to community as we struggle with these ideals. You know, that strive for perfection, how to have a constructive internal dialogue, and finally, how to be ok with making mistakes.

I would also like to personally extend an invitation to the Shine Retreat for Women, a beautiful event that is coming up September 27th-29th, 2019.  This retreat is for you if you’re needing to build community connection, restore your soul, or just need some dedicated time for yourself.

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Listen in for more information on the retreat, but first, let’s walk through the 3 steps that will help you learn how to lean into the power of being imperfect, together.

Show Highlights:

  • Struggling with perfection

  • Competing with yourself: great quality at times, a roadblock at other times

  • Expectations, consistency, and perfectionism

  • How do we reach out for community when we are struggling with perfectionism

  • We need the village

  • Internal struggle with identity

  • Looking at where we get that strive for perfection when it’s not realistic

  • Stepping back with as much objectivity as possible

  • Practicing making mistakes, and getting messy

  • The paradox of leaning into imperfections to feel more whole

  • Leaning into the power of being imperfect together

  • What happens when we don’t get recognized for doing a job well

  • Looking for validation from others

  • Control over our choices

  • Negative examples of feeling, thought, and behavior

  • Positive examples of feeling, thought, and behavior

  • How journaling about my mistakes makes me more willing to share my mistakes with others

  • Even if you don’t accomplish as much as you’d hoped, you still have value and worth

  • Making mistakes that we’re ashamed of


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