Season 2, Episode 2: Pain as Fuel for Growth with Whitney Boole, LMFT

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Today, I’m truly excited to introduce you to one of the sponsors for the Shine Retreat for women, which is coming up in September of this year, and you are all personally invited. We will be talking more about that later in the podcast.

Today’s wonderful guest is Whitney Boole, LMFT. Whitney is a therapist, coach, and writer in private practice in Hermosa Beach, CA. She provides therapy for individuals and relationships, and she believes pain fuels growth and empowerment. She is also a single mother with three kids, including ridiculously wild twins who climb everything and leave uncapped markers everywhere they go. She runs a Facebook Group for people healing through divorce and is building more resources for those struggling with the trauma of divorce. Whitney's book "You Got This: Healing Through Divorce" was just released May 7 and is available on Amazon.

Please join us as we talk about breaking patterns that we might not even be aware that we have, moving through trauma, and taking control of our healing. We also talk about Whitney’s new book, and how she has a heart for helping people and meeting them where they’re at.

I’m offering a $50 discount off Shine Retreat registration to all listeners of this podcast. 

Show Highlights:

  • Helping people heal through trauma

  • Myths about therapy

  • Healing the present, and not diving back in to the past

  • Tolerating discomfort to make the change in our neural pathways to do it differently

  • Storing memory, sensations, emotions, and images

  • Letting go of negative cognition

  • Relational wounds and changing relational patterns

  • It’s ultimately up to us to set our own boundaries to keep us safe

  • Exercising control over healing

  • The ability to move through trauma is important

  • Being taught to disengage with the way we’re feeling

  • The middle of the tunnel is the darkest

  • Allowing yourself to breathe

  • Whitney’s new book, "You Got This: Healing Through Divorce"

  • Shine Retreat empowering women to care for themselves

  • What Whitney is working on

Links / Resources:

Visit Her Life Unscripted Facebook Page, give it a LIKE !

Whitney’s Book:

You Got This: Healing Through Divorce” by Whitney Boole

Special Invitation:

The Shine Retreat is coming up September 27th-29th, 2019.  


Email me at to receive $50 discount code for registration.

You can also reach me at

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