Nearlywed and Newlywed Coaching Series

Are you ready to go all in on your relationship? Getting ready to tie the knot? Start your first year of marriage ready for success!

This video series is designed exactly for you; a newly engaged or newly married couple that is committed to their relationship with open communication and meaningful intentionality.

Over the last dozen+ years, hundreds of couples have hired me to show them how to lay a strong foundation in marriage by learning effective communication skills, demystifying finances, verbalizing realistic expectations and planning for their future together. I’ve affectionately named this coaching series, Rookie Year, as an ode to the first year of marriage incorporating all things couples’ report as their biggest stumbling blocks and greatest growth points.

This premarital and newly married coaching series is designed to launch you into marriage, equipped with the tools you need to succeed for the long term together.

So many couples come to me years into marriage wishing they had spent the time and energy in their early years together to learn foundational tools essential to their relationship success. This is an amazing opportunity to design the marriage you’ve always dreamed of regardless of what was modeled to you growing up. You have the chance to start your branch of the family tree more healthy, grounded and connected.

This premarital and newly married coaching series is perfect for you if:

  • You know you’ve met the one.

  • You’re committed to happily ever after.

  • You have big goals for what’s possible together.

  • You have a growth mindset.

  • You understand marriage is a commitment and an investment

Each of the 9 modules includes a foundational video and a hands on workbook carefully designed to stimulate conversations vital to your success in marriage. This premarital coaching series includes scripts to get you started, interactive activities for the two of you to complete together and awesome content to grow closer.


You’ll receive content to support you in:

  • Solidifying your Identity as a Couple

  • Creating and Managing Relationship Expectations

  • Communication 101: Tools and Tips

  • Sex and Intimacy

  • Family Planning and Parenting

  • Navigating In-Laws

  • Finances and Budgeting

  • Religion, Spirituality and Personal Growth

  • Creating a Shared Vision of Your Future

This premarital coaching series is hands on and interactive. You will learn, you will apply and you will set the stage for a successful and thriving relationship together.

You ready to go all in??

This 9 module premarital and newly married coaching series, complete with videos and accompanying workbook, is less than the average cost of a marriage counseling session at $185.

Your all access pass to the Rookie Year Video Series is $149 and ready for you to dive into from the comfort of your home.