Want to start your Rookie Year off right?

Are you ready to go all in on your relationship? Then this video series is designed exactly for you; a nearlywed or newlywed couple that is wanting to take the next step in their relationship with open communication and great intentionality.

Over the last dozen plus years, I’ve worked with hundreds of couples helping them to lay a strong foundation in their relationship by teaching communication skills, demystifying finances, verbalizing realistic expectations and planning for their future together.

This premarital coaching series is designed to help launch you into marriage, equipped with the tools to help you succeed. Each of the 9 modules includes a foundational video and a workbook to stimulate conversations that are pertinent to your success in marriage.


The 9 modules include:

  • The Story of Us

  • Creating and Managing Expectations

  • Communication 101

  • Sex and Intimacy

  • Family Planning and Parenting

  • Navigating In-Laws

  • Finances and Budgeting

  • Religion, Spirituality and Personal Growth

  • Creating a Shared Mission

This premarital coaching series is hands on and interactive. You will learn, you will apply and you will set the stage for a successful and thriving relationship together.

Are you ready to dive in??

Since we’re entering wedding season, I’m offering this 9 module premarital coaching series complete with videos and accompanying workbook for less than the cost of one premarital counseling session.

You can purchase your all access pass to the Rookie Year Video Series for $149

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