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Anna is passionate about educating, empowering and inspiring others on the power of relationships.  From conferences to women's group to couples workshops there is always lots to learn about the science of love.  When couples and individuals better understand how relationships work, they can create more meaningful connections and use that confidence to propel them forward towards their life goals.

Use Anna's expertise and experience on relationships, connection and all things love at your next event. We can learn so much from each other when we slow down to listen.  Let Anna share about the power of relationships and how better understanding each other can help you learn to succeed in ALL areas of your life and lead to the future you want together.



Anna presents at for-profit and nonprofit companies, consulting with thought leaders and executives to discover unproductive workplace cultures and create innovative policies that embrace our need to create collaborative and productive teams within the workplace. 



As a speaker at Women's Expos and Conferences, Anna celebrates the strength of our relationships and use them as an asset in all that we strive to achieve.  Her talks empower individuals to be more intentional in their decisions and have a better awareness of the strengths they bring to their partnerships.



Anna also speaks at local women's groups, meet-ups and community groups. In this more intimate environment, she talks about how  to show up consistently in love and how to our intimate relationships represent "home base".  She inspires couples to identify and create their ideal relationship.

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