Supporting couples as they move out of the marriage and into a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Divorce is one of the hardest experiences you’ll ever encounter.  And transitioning out of the marital relationship and into a healthy co-parenting relationship will stretch a couple farther than they thought they could stretch.  Because we all know, the hurt and sadness that led to the decision to divorce doesn’t disappear once papers are served.  Our goal within uncoupling therapy is to help a couple navigate divorce and move into a respectful and considerate co-parenting relationship.

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Your children are great observers of the world and divorce doesn’t mean you can’t still model to them a healthy relationship.  In fact, you have great opportunity to do so when divorce and co-parenting are handled with great intentionality and responsibility.  The mindset of staying together for the children’s sake, AT ALL COSTS, is actually one that can lead to more damage and trauma then finding a way to separate amicably. 

Just because the marriage didn’t survive doesn’t mean you can’t thrive as co-parents.

Uncoupling is NOT about processing past wounds from the marriage or a place to air grievances on what the other “should” have done to save the marriage.

Uncoupling IS moving with intentionality into the new phase of your relationship and being healthy co-parents for your children. It is one that will challenge you to lay a new foundation of communication and collaboration while supporting your children to thrive while living in two different family homes.

As much as folks struggle to admit it, the truth is you will always be in a relationship with your ex when you share children.  Our invitation to you is to do the necessary work to make that relationship as healthy as possible.

As difficult as it may be to accept right now, there is no greater reward than seeing yourself, your children AND your ex thrive after divorce.

Our goal within uncoupling therapy is to support the couple in laying to rest the marital relationship, support them in creating shared meaning within their co-parenting roles and lay a foundation on how to handle future challenges.  But our most important goal is to help them to collaborate on raising their children together despite being separated.

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We’re here to support ALL relationships as we firmly believe that you can model a healthy relationship to your children despite being divorced and we are here to help you to achieve that. 

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