The Benefit Of The Doubt

Giving our mate the benefit of the doubt is one of the most amazing gifts we can give our relationship. When we assume the worst in our partner, it can make our relationship toxic. Watch to learn how to give your mate the benefit of the doubt!

Compassion: As Important To Receive As It Is To Give!

Compassion is essential our relationships and requires us to be vulnerable in order to give it to our partner. But receiving compassion is just as difficult too! Watch this video on how to better receive compassion in your relationship.  

Spice Up Your Love Life!!!

Do you ever feel like your relationship could use a bit more spice?  Couples in my Sacramento therapy office often talk about falling into ruts and routines that take the excitement out of their love life.  Watch this video on how to spice up your love life!

Do You Have To Agree With Your Mate To Understand Them?

Couples in my Sacramento Therapy office often get tangled up in knots trying to debate whether or not they have to agree with one another in order to understand each other.  I personally don't think you have to agree with your mate in order to understand them. Watch this video to learn more!